UniverseV: Star Domination

In this 2D turn-based strategy game you must pass through the hostile galaxy to reach the star system occupy by the elder race that you will have to defeat.
To do this you will have to build the starships that you will combine into fleets (up to 5 starships in one fleet).

Your tactic will be crucial. You will fight the battles on star systems with unique abilities that can mess up the battlefield. Sometimes they will drop shields from your starships, sometimes they will have the planetary defense system that will be able to damage or destroy your starships, and sometime you will find the exploding star.

Fortunately, you will have at your disposal 5 completely different species.
You will start as a Human race. This is the most universal race focused on short and long ranged weapons with special modules that can overload the enemy's shield.
While your galaxy trip, you will be able to play each race that you will defeat.
There is a Swarm - one mind, organic ships that can heal themselves, Acolytes - a race focused on technology that can mask their ships, Hybrids - the combination of technology and biotechnology, and Strators - a young race whose tactics are based on a cooperation between their starships. There is also the BO'. A high-tech ancient race that really will be helpful with defeating the elders.

While your play the game cards will be crucial. Each race has unique game cards. Some of them will help you collect resources or gain an advantage on the star map and some of them will help you directly in the battles by increasing the abilities of your starships or giving you special abilities that you won't find anywhere else.

1 player campaign mode
1-4 local players skirmish mode


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